We provide quality products and training for Beauty Professionals.
Exclusive distributors of Worlddermic by Amdermik, a European Cosmetics Brand for Microneedling and Mesotherapy.
Located in New York.

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  • WorldDermic Eye Contour Concealer for Dark Circles

    Eye Contour Concealer by Worlddermic

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  • acne solution

    Rejuuve™ Acne Proclear | Clarifying Solution for Acne Skin

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  • Anti-Aging Meso B-tox Stem Cells

    MESO B-TOX With Stem Cells by Rejuuve | Anti-Aging

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  • mesotherapy rejuvenation technology pepti-glow

    Pepti-Glow by Rejuuve | Rejuvenation Technology

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Best Sellers

  • Mesolipo by WorldDermic

    MesoLipo (Lipolitico) by World Dermic

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  • AMPELOPSIN Fat Reducing Microneedling

    Ampelopsin (Fat Reducing) by Worlddermic

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  • Pink Intimate System

    Pink Intimate System: Lightening and Rejuvenation of the Intimate Areas

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  • Mesohair World Dermic - Hair Loss Solution - Microneedle

    MesoHair by World Dermic – Mesotherapy Hair Loss Solution (Alopecia)

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