MesoHair by World Dermic – Mesotherapy Hair Loss Solution (Alopecia)

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Microneedling Hair Loss Solution
Complete and effective treatment that acts to stop hair loss.

Slows hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

The combination of its powerful antioxidants leads to an activation of the hair follicles in recess.
They help the root to reactivate and your hair grows thicker, stronger and healthier.


World Dermic by Amdermik. Formulated and Manufactured in Spain.



Mesohair World Dermic - Hair Loss Solution - MicroneedleMicroneedling Hair Loss Solution (Alopecia)

Healthy hair requires good protein biosynthesis, cell reproduction and adequate energy intakes for the hair follicle to remain productive.

MESOHAIR is a potent antioxidant, metabolic performance optimizer, the catabolic pathway of carbohydrates, energy contributor of most cellular and biochemical processes

This leads to activation of hair follicles in recess. Longer anagen (growth phase) of the active follicles and increased hair growth.


  • Alopecia.
  • Slows hair loss


Usually necessary between 8 and 12 sessions spaced 8-15 days.

The causes of hair loss can be hereditary, hormonal changes, stress, and nutritional deficiencies.

To keep the effects of MESOHAIR there should be periodic maintenance treatments.


1 Maintenance treatment every 6 months.


  • Dexapantenol (panthenol).
  • Leuphasyl (peptide).
  • Algisium C.
  • Metylsilanol mannuronate.
  • Gotu kola.
  • Biotin Vitamin B7.
  • Niacinamide Vitamin B3.
  • Riboflavin Vitamin B2.
  • Ascorbic acid – Vitamin C.
  • Glycerin.


  • 5 ml vials.
  • Package of 10 vials.

World Dermic ® Committed to the beauty and well-being of people. Made in Barcelona, Spain.