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Essential Tips To Prevent And Combat Your First Wrinkles

When we enter the thirties, the first wrinkles appear on the face: on the forehead, under the eyes, on the lips, on the sides, etc. Even if they start quietly, it’s hard to accept that the first wrinkles are coming out, especially since we’re still young.

Discover essential tips to prevent and combat the first wrinkles, to achieve a luminous and radiant face for longer.

1. Massage your face
Our face suffers daily tensions, as a result of stress, overwork, worries, dislikes, arguments, etc. That is why the muscles of our face become stiff. This, in a long term, ends up causing the appearance of the first wrinkles. That is why it is important to realize what gestures we usually do to stop doing them.
Particular care must be taken in the following areas;
Smoothing the forehead
Massage around the eyes gently
The tip of the nose
The lips, and also above and below
Circles on the cheeks

2. Facial grimaces
It is also important to spend a few moments at different times of the day, to make gestures or other tensions in the face.
This exercise will relax our face immediately. The face will look relaxed immediately.

3. Node with worlddermic products
Wrinkles appear on malnourished skins, which lack vitamins and minerals. Although these can be achieved with Worlddermic products, according to our skin we will choose one or the other. We recommend some high efficiency products:
Peptidermic: Relieving muscle (muscle relaxant), reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of the muscles of expression.
Lift-Meso: Preventive and palliative management of cutaneous photo-aging.Prevents de dry skin and sagging facial and body.

We can take advantage of the products and go to a beauty center for a professional to apply professional cosmetics, so the skin will absorb well and relax our face.

4. Protect yourself from the sun
The sun at first or last hour, is very beneficial for our skin and our general health. The problem is to take it aggressively, at the hours of more radiation. In these cases always protect our face with a cap and adequate sun protection.
Skins that abuse the sun are often muted and devitalized. You can always go to subscription products like Agedefy, for personal application and which has vitamin C and proteoglycans.
5. Hydrat the skin
The skin is also dehydrated, and in fact is one of the things we notice more if we drink more or less water. The ideal would be to drink between a liter and a half and two liters of water daily, but always outside of meals, since otherwise it does not count and could also make digestion difficult.
If we do, we can notice big changes in a short time. We also recommend the Silk Pearls with brand Worlddermic, which are composed of Argireline and have Botox- effect.
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